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Last week, 90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem revealed her stunning weight loss while celebrating turning 55.

Michael Ilesanmi was opposed to the surgery. Now, he seems to have had a major change of heart.

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"I just wanted you to remember that age is just a number," Michael’s sweet caption over the accompanying video begins.

He continues: "And it represents exactly how attractive, able-bodied, and happy you are."

"It’s really nothing to get worked up over," Michael gushes. "Happy birthday Iyawo mi (my wife)."

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In the video, Michael unwraps a framed photograph of Angela Deem, his wife of more than nine months.

Angela looks stunning in the picture, and her cleavage is on full display.

Michael is visibly enamored with her, torn between showing her off to the camera and simply gazing adoringly at the portrait.

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"Ooo lala," Michael can be heard saying during the touching video.

"My baby," he says as he refers to his wife.

"Happy birthday, my love," he gushes to her portrait.

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Recently, Angela showcased her dramatic weigh tloss while flaunting a cake that her grandchildren (with a little grownup help) had presented her with.

Angela was looking conspicously more slender as she posed and preened before the camera.

This was the most dramatically slender that Angela has appeared to fans, ever, since rising to fame.

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Her weight loss is not really a surprise, as she announced her intentions to the world back at the Tell All.

Angela shared that she was undergoing weight loss surgery.

It was news to fans — and unhappy news for her husband, Michael.

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Michael went above and beyond to stress to Angela that he finds her beautiful just the way that she is.

With their age gap of more than 20 years, he worried that she was doing this for him.

But Angela emphasized that this was what she wanted for herself, and reminded him that he cannot stop her from Nigeria.

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Just days after Angela and Michael’s wedding early this year, Donald Trump added Nigeria to his ban on Muslim immigration.

It came as a shock to everyone who underestimated the depths of the soon-to-be former President’s bigotry and spite.

Among those who were surprised were Angela and Michael — given that Angela is, or at least was, for some reason a fan of his.

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It is unclear if Angela has revised her views, but for most 90 Day Fiance fans, it’s a little late for that.

Disliking someone because their misdeeds are finally impacting you directly after ignoring harm done to millions isn’t exactly a moral awakening, it’s just selfishness.

That said, many have found Angela and Michael’s story to be sympathetic despite Angela’s political leanings and her horrifying verbal and emotional abuse of Michael.

Michael Ilesanmi Haunted by Angela Deem

A lot of fans are hopeful — while others are merely doubtful — that Angela will magically mellow out following her weight loss surgery.

Self-regulation, control of one’s toxic and emotional impulses, and generally the part of you that keeps you from screaming every time that you’re even slightly angry, is stored in the frontal cortex, not in fat cells.

It seems that there is a lot of wishful thinking. But we’d all like to think that when Michael is able to come to the US under the incoming administration’s policies, he’ll enjoy a happy and non-abusive marriage.