Mercedes Crunches Ferrari in World's Worst Parallel Parking Job

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Ready to see something you've never ever seen before?

We're not talking about Kim Kardashian wearing clothing, no.

We're talking about a parallel parking job the likes of which you must see to comprehend.

And, to be honest, even then... you may not understand how this happened.


An onlooker in Virginia turned his camera phone on just as the driver of a Mercedes-Benz tried to park in front of a Ferrari convertible.

Tragically, the footage does not include the point of impact in this collision, but it does reveal the aftermath.

How ON EARTH did the Mercedes end up ON TOP of the Ferrari? That's what the owner of the Ferrari would like to know.

A crowd understandably gathered to gawk and film the car-crunching spectacle as the Mercedes’ passengers sat dumbfounded in their elevated car.

Soon enough, the Ferrari owner emerged... and he was not very happy.


“That’s a big, big, big problem,” one pedstrian says, as others identify the Ferrari as a 458 Speciale, which costs around $300,000.

“Are you serious? Are you f-cking serious?” the Ferrari owner says as he surveys the damage.

Perhaps noticing that kids are in the other car and clearly seeing the horde of people around him, however, he manages to respond in a far more restrained manner that we would have in his shoes.

broken car

"That’s like the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen," he finally says.

Which may be the Understatement of the Year.

Watch this ridiculous scenario play out now:

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