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Little People, Big World is going back in time this season.

Granted, all episodes of all reality shows are filmed several weeks before they actually air.

However, the current season of this TLC smash hit was shot way, way back in early 2020 and meant to air shortly thereafter.

The premeire date was shelved when pretty much all of televison went on hiatus due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

Photo via tLc

We say this because it might otherwise be jarring and/or confusing for viewers to see Matt Roloff and company talking about COVID-19 as if it only just hit the United States.

In the sneak peek featured on this page, for example, Caryn Chandler is shown working quickly and innovatively, creating masks from items around the house — such as menstrual pads.

She jokes at one point that she may just lock Matt inside the house while the pandemic spreads.

But is she really joking?

Photo via tLc

As Matt proceeds to explain, his dwarfism forces him to walk in an especially hunched-over manner.

This can make it hard for him to catch him breath, even when he simply walks across a parking lot.

Because COVID-19 can greatly harm one’s respiratory system — even a healthy respiratory system — the veteran reality star says he’s gravely "worried" about getting exposed to the virus.

And this is just an understatement.

Photo via TLC

The Roloffs, as a whole, have talked about this pandemic on a few occasions in 2020.

In March, many of these family members shared posts to social media about the threat and the state of our nation.

"The uncertainty is what gets me. Not knowing an end date or knowing whether or not my loved ones will get sick," wrote Tori back then, adding:

"I hope your doing okay. Let me know down below what y’all are doing to give yourself a mind break!! Stay healthy friends and remember- Gods got this!"

Tori Roloff, Second Born

Added Amy back then:

"It’s better to ‘stay in’, do social distancing, wash your hands… and do all of the other things, as individuals, to help beat this ‘invisible enemy’ we’re all fighting.

"Together we can overcome and get on the other side of this better.

"Continue to stay safe, pay attention to what we’re asked to do on the federal, your state, city… Be patience, be kind and be a neighbor and help when and where you can."

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek: A Photo

And Audrey, who has been slammed for just telling folks to pray during the pandemic:

"In a world so full of uncertainty, anxiety, confusion, and fear, there is…

"Always more hope to rely on⁣. Always more grace to extend⁣. Always more to truth to seek. Always more peace receive. Always more joy to experience⁣. Always more strength to endure⁣.

"Always more love to give."

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Anniversary Pic

Check out the footage here to see how Matt and Caryn reacted back when news of COVID-19 first hit.

Little People, Big World airs at 8/7c on TLC on Tuesday nights.