Matt Roloff Goes Into Labor, Puts Son to the Test

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The following clip is very sweet.

And also a tad bit disturbing.

From tonight's installment of Little People, Big World, it features Matt Roloff making sure his son is prepared to welcome his first child into the world.

Prior to actually arriving at the hospital and comforting wife Tori through the steps of child birth, Matt aims to teach Zach a few lessons about what comes prior to this final step.

A Roloff Family Lesson

That is, the drive to the hospital.

Does Zach have a quick and safe route in mind?

Is he aware of the chaos that will surround their drive?

Will he work with Tori or against her as they head on over to the biggest moment of their lives? (Spoiler Alert: There's only one right answer to this question.)

Oh, does Zach realize he may need to call 911 if the baby starts to come out DURING the drive?

This is where Zach gets understandably worried.

Matt Roloff on Camera

But Matt urges his child to remain calm throughout. The circumstances will require it. Tori will need it from him.

Did we mention that Matt even pretend that his water breaks in order to drive home the urgency of the drill he's putting his son through?

Yeah. This happens, prompting the following reaction from Zach:

Zach Roloff Laughs

Zach and Tori welcomed a son named Jackson into the world on May 12.

He's a happy, healthy and adorable little person... who really will grow up to be a little person. He was born with the gene for dwarfism.

But Zach and Tori have said all the right things about their child and we have no doubt he'll grow up in a loving, helpful and stable household.

You can use our link to watch Little People, Big World online and you can check out the following sneak peek to prepare for an episode that will also focus on Zach's health problems in the days leading up to his son's birth.

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