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For a long time, the kids who endured Jon and Kate Gosselin’s messy marriage and nasty divorce made a point of staying away from the spotlight.

Who could blame them?

Photo via Tik Tok

These are children who grew up on reality TV.

And we don’t mean that in the sense that they watched a lot of it in their formative years, like the rest of us.

The eight who helped make Jon and Kate famous were on camera before they were even old enough to comprehend what was happening.

Photo via Tik Tok

In their adolescence, they watched as their parents’ divorce became national tabloid fodder.

Now, the oldest of them are adults, and Mady Gosselin — who just turned 20 on Thursday — is embracing her semi-fame by sharing moments from her life on Instagram and TikTok.

There was a time when Mady rarely posted on social media.

Mady Gosselin and Friends

In fact, it was big news when she shared a photo on Instagram last week, as domestic abuse allegations against Jon Gosselin made headlines.

This seemed to be her way of assuring fans that she was doing okay amid her family’s latest scandal.

Sadly, it’s not surprising that Mady is a common target for bullying and harassment on social media.

Mady Gosselin is Stuck at Home
Photo via Tik Tok

She seems to have inherited a lot of the hate that used to be directed at her parents.

It’s ironic, as you would think that people who despise her parents would be sympathetic to her for having been raised by them.

But social media hatred rarely has any logic or reasoning behind it.

Mady Gosselin Pic
Photo via Instagram

Anyway, Mady has a thick skin from growing up the way she did, and amazingly, she has a sense of humor about the harassment she endures online.

Earlier this week, the college student even participated in a TikTok challenge in which she evaluated the creativity of the insults that had been hurled at her recently.

“It’s been so amazing to watch such an ungrateful brat grow up," read one comment.

Mady Gosselin Selfie
Photo via Instagram

But while Mady might be able to laugh at her haters, Jon most certainly cannot.

Though they’re currently estranged Jon defended Mady and issued a threat of physical violence against anyone who harasses.

"Come see me if you have something to say," Jon said in a rare interview with The Sun.

Jon Gosselin: A Selfie
Photo via Instagram

"Why are you going after Mady? She can do whatever she wants," he added.

Why are you dragging her into something," Jon continued. "She’s just taking pictures of herself like every kid out there."

That response is probably not what Mady intended when she participated in the challenge.

Photo via TikTok

She’s got a lot going on these days, which may be why her latest TikTok upload is just her lip-syncing a scream while different colored lights flash in the background.

It’s a pretty good summary of 2020, really.

As for the abuse allegations, Jon wholeheartedly denies them.

Jon Gosselin and Son Collin
Photo via Instagram

"It’s not true, I would never hit Collin, ever. I love him with all my heart," he said last month

"I love my son and I would never hurt him."

We have no way of knowing if he’s telling the truth — but we can certainly see why Mady is feeling so stressed.


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