Jon Gosselin: If You Harass My Kids, I Will Effing End You!

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Mady Gosselin does not hesitate to clap back at vicious trolls.

But when the insults turn racist, even her estranged dad is speaking up in her defense.

Mady Gosselin is Stuck at Home

Jon Gosselin is speaking ot The Sun to issue a stern warning to racist trolls coming after one of his twins.

Specifically, he's saying "come see me if you have something to say."

That's dad speak for "meet me in the f--king pit."

Jon Gosselin: A Selfie

The context?

Mady is 20 years old (her birthday is October 8!) and a college student.

She partook in a TikTok challenge in which she rated some of the hateful comments that she has received on social media.

Mady Gosselin TikTok responds to insults

“It’s been so amazing to watch such an ungrateful brat grow up," one vile commenter wrote.

Mady awarded that piece of vitriol a seven out of ten.

In her estimation, the line "wasn't very nice" but she granted that it was "very funny."

Mady Gosselin Selfie

Another, worse comment critiqued Mady's state of being.

The racist troll wrote "too much Asian" in response to her.

Mady paused in response and said "Short answer ... no."

Mady Gosselin TikTok responds to racism

“Long answer, have you considered you’re racist?” Mady accurately countered.

Now, Mady is a smart young woman who, having been forced to grow up on camera, has developed a thick skin against trolls.

After all, when your mom is Kate Gosselin, harassment and verbal abuse from strangers must feel like a walk in the park in comparison!

Mady Gosselin Pic

But knowing that she's an adult who can clap back for herself doesn't mean that Jon doesn't want to stick up for her.

Speaking to The Sun, Jon asks: "Why are you going after Mady? She can do whatever she wants."

"Why are you dragging her into something," he continues. "She's just taking pictures of herself like every kid out there."

Jon Gosselin Doesn't Hold Back

"It feels like everyone is just being horrible everywhere," Jon laments, adding: "You can't even walk down the street."

"Of course I've had this kind of thing for years," he notes, "but she didn't do anything so just leave her alone."

"And if you have an issue with that come see me," Jon menaces any potential trolls.

Jon Gosselin on Oz

"Even though I haven't talked to my daughters in years," Jon says of the twins, "they are still my daughters and I love them."

"She is not spoiled," he points out. "The twins were the least spoiled because they had to help out with the younger kids. They helped with everything."

Many older children are roped into providing unpaid childcare to children who are not theirs. In many cases, they end up deciding that this was enough parenting experience for a lifetime.

Jon Gosselin in St. Croix

"And saying she is 'too much Asian' what does that even mean? There's no such thing," Jon correctly notes.

"The racial stuff worries me because it's not a safe world," he laments.

Jon adds: "Asians were getting beaten up because people thought the Chinese created Covid." That was always an absurd and racist conspiracy theory, but the violence that has followed is even worse.

Jon Gosselin Poster

"Like I said come see me if you have something to say," Jon says to trolls. "Or give me your username and IP address."

"That will not be a good thing! I beg you to message me," he adds.

Jon then asks: "Don't mess with Mady, don't mess with any of my kids."

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