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Mackenzie McKee sent a very important message to Farrah Abraham last month, telling her fellow Teen Mom star to go spread her legs and to STFU about her.

But that’s nothing compared to the importance of the message in McKee’s latest rap song.

Yes, we said McKee’s latest rap song.

Titled "The Sweetest Treat," the single is meant to raise awareness about Diabetes and a portion of its proceeds will go toward research into this disease. That’s a very good thing.

But we can’t help wondering: How will this track make any proceeds?!?

Mackenzie does have Type 1 Diabetes, so she knows what she raps about.

But she doesn’t exactly know how to lip sync in this video; nor does the writer of this song really know how to rhyme.

Glucose and choice? Nice try.

Like a car accident, we dare you to turn away from this trainwreck of a video, although we do wish to reiterate: we’re 100% down with the message.

We just have some questions about the way in which it’s being delivered.