Mackenzie McKee to Farrah Abraham: Go Spread Your Legs! STFU About Me!

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Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee and Backdoor Teen Mom Farrah Abraham are engaged in an epic feud, and the back and forth is pretty amazing.

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The back story: A tabloid report claimed Mackenzie created a crowd funding profile asking people to donate money so she can get breast implants.

Farrah Abraham heard about Mackenzie's alleged crowd-sourcing, immediately throwing in her cents in an interview with TMZ, calling McKee a “mooch."

Farrah insinuated that if Mackenzie can't pay for fake breasts herself, then grow a pair and start saving up instead of trying to shake people down.

Obviously, Mackenzie is not happy, explaining that while she did set up the page in question, she has taken it down. Oh, and Farrah sucks.

“Farrah is Farrah and she is known for bashing others,” McKee said. “The whole MyFreeImplants site thing was a bit of a misunderstanding."

"I would never ask fans to pay for my boobs," she adds, "which is why the profile was deleted the same day once I realized how it works.”

“I hope people don’t think I’m that lazy and greedy. [Besides] working in a salon full time, I also have many social network endorsement deals."

A dubious claim? Possibly, but the cast of Teen Mom 3 did not become briefly famous for their intellectual fortitude (sorry), so we do buy it.

The claim. Not her fake boobs.

"A boob job doesn’t cost $20,000," she goes on, "and I was never asking for that and I’m not sure where that came into play, that's just crazy.”

She then flipped the script on Abraham, going HARD at her adversary.

“Farrah, yes you have a big name but if being a porn star is how to get there then I never want a name that big," McKee told her fellow MTV star.

Somewhere, Maci Bookout is flat-out loving this. And McKee continues:

"I plan to go far in the fitness industry and just walking across the stage takes a lot more work than opening your legs on camera.”


“I hope one day you can find peace in your heart to actually have positive things to say about others," Mackenzie adds, with this coup de grace:

"I hope you realize that doing porn isn’t the best thing for your daughter.”

Mackenzie wasn't done there. She took to her Twitter to slam sex tapes in general. Or more accurately, giving props to those who don't go there.

"kudos to everyone who has never made a sex tape…" McKee wrote.

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