Mackenzie McKee: I Can't Get My Kids to School on Time! My Husband Is Useless!

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Mackenzie McKee is having a very difficult in the aftermath of her mother's death.

McKee was fined in truancy court for her inability to get her kids to school on time.

“I’ve been struggling to juggle work and getting the kids to school on time. Now the school is threatening me with truancy court," Mackenzie revealed on a recent episode of Teen Mom OG.

“It's been such a challenge,” she added.

Mackenzie didn't deny that she had been negligent in getting her kids up and out of the house on time:

“They have been late. Now they have two weeks worth of absences. I’m about to get sent to truancy court. It’s a $250 fine," she said at one point.

"Pretty embarrassing. I wake up at 3 with anxiety attacks all night and I fall asleep at 5am.”

A friend asked Mackenzie why Josh doesn't step up and get the kids ready for school, and she revealed that he didn't exactly do a very good job either ...

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