Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 Trailer: Who's the Daddy?!?

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Are you ready for a return to Georgia?

VH1 has released an extended, no-holds-and-no-curse-words-barred look at upcoming episodes from the sixth season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

And consider this a SPOILER ALERT: 

Things are about to get totally crazy!

One Evil Smirk

As you're about to see in the following preview, a main focus of Season 6 will be Joseline Hernandez's pregnancy, along with the question of whether or not Stevie J is actually her baby's daddy.

(Second SPOILER ALERT: We already know the answer.)

As for the other cast members you've grown to know and occasionally love?

Kirk and Rasheeda Frost will face questions about their relationship, most notably whether the former cheated with Jasmine Washington.

Tammy will move into her new home and attempt to rebuild her life after Waka slept with another woman.

Mimi Faust will try to keep herself busy with motherhood, business and relationships, intent on avoiding all drama.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 6 Scene

Tommie Lee will do her best to focus on music, not getting revenge on Joseline.

Joseline’s close friend and newcomer Melissa Scott will join Karlie Redd and Ariane Davis as part of Mimi’s squad.

Karlie and Joc will try once again, hoping their rekindled romance works out better this time that it has in the past.

Bambi and Scrappy will try to block out interference from Momma Dee in an attempt to actually make it down the aisle in one, happy piece.

Jessica Dime will work on her line of hair care products and new music. But also, she hopes, a new relationship.

Instagram superstar Lovely Mimi and beauty entrepreneur Sierra Gates will also join the show.

Pregnant Joseline

What kind of mischief will they cause? What will transpire over the next several weeks?

Watch the super trailer now!

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