Little Women: Dallas Sneak Peek: Emily vs. Caylea!

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Nothing can compare to the pain of losing a child.

Tragically, two Little Women: Dallas cast members can relate to this heartbreak on a personal level, as Caylea suffered a miscarriage when she was six weeks pregnant and Emily lost a baby at just three months old.

There are truly no words for these painful experiences.

Caylea in Dallas

But the two reality stars have come up with a few over the course of Season 2, at one point getting into an argument over Caylea disrespecting the memory of Emily's son.

That was how Emily interpreted it, at least, when Caylea compared her miscarriage to the death of Emily's baby boy.

The co-stars argued this point rather passionately a few weeks ago, but the disagreement will reach new heights on this week's installment of this popular Lifetime series.

Or new lows, depending on how you look at it.

Irate Emily

After telling Caylea that she spat on the memory of her child, Emily goes right ahead and... spits on Caylea.

We mean this literally.

She simply spits right in the face of her co-star, much to the shock of the other Little Women, who all stand around silently as these two keep going at it.

Emily of Little Women: Dallas

Caylea refuses to back down.

Emily can't believe her friend continues to make this comparison.

Does either side give in or apologize in the end?

Watch the clip now and then tune in Wednesday at 9/8c on Lifetime to see the episode in full. 

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