Little People, Big World Sneak Peek: Amy Roloff BANNED From a Family Gathering

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At long last, Little People, Big World returns Tuesday night!

But you don't have to wait for this long-anticipated season premiere to get a glimpse -- because you can watch the sneak peek below.

And it looks like we're going to be seeing more conflict between exes Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff.

Little People, Big World Return Pic

As the video shows, Matt and Amy's lives are still closely intertwined, even though they are no longer married.

"Coexisting with Amy has its ups and downs. Still living 500 feet apart."

Amy, of course, continues to live on Roloff Farms.

"You know, there’s good days and bad days and we just take it day by day."

Among other things, it sounds like their exes don't mingle. But being exes is almost always awkward.

"I’m very, very excited because Zach’s very, very first Father’s Day is coming up."

Which tells us that this was filmed quite some time ago.

"You know, my folks are coming into town so I’m going to have them come over and do a little Bar-B-Que or something low-key."

Matt Roloff Drives

Matt cannot contain his excitement about celebrating that Zach is now a father of precious baby Jackson.

Jackson was a newborn at the time, but now the sweet baby is learning to swim.

"You know, I’m excited to have this party because a lot of events just kind of default over to Amy’s house."

This very natural tendency led some fans to believe that Matt was banned from Jacob's birthday party, though this was not the case.

It does sound a little like this trend made Matt feel a little insecure.

Matt Roloff Speaks

Matt talks about one important rule for the party.

"But other than Tori and Audrey, we’re not going to have the moms at the party."

He continues, trying to stress that this rule is more than just a gentle version of hammering a "NO AMY ALLOWED" sign over the front door.

"No girlfriends, no moms."

He's not referring to Isabel Rock with that (remember, this was filmed earlier last year), but his own girlfriend, Caryn Chandler.

"Caryn and Amy did not get the invite because we really wanted to focus on the dads."

That's ... one way to do Father's Day, we suppose.

Amy Roloff in a Hoodie

He then makes an unfortunate joke that, if taken at face value and out of context, would sound very sexist.

"Kind of like leave the drama."

Women are not inherently more dramatic than men, folks. But Matt isn't saying that.

He's saying that things that involve both Amy and Caryn are dramatic, and that inviting one while excluding the other would be a recipe for disaster.

Amy Roloff, in the mean time, speaks frankly to the camera about how things have become strained with Matt.

"Divorce changes things."

And it's impacting little family traditions.

"And this will be the first time that we don’t celebrate Father’s Day together."

They may live nearby, but they each have their own lives, now.

"You know, Matt and I have two different worlds, so it’s just hard."

Amy Roloff Talks About Matt Roloff

Amy also points out how, since they still live together and film together, their differences of opinion still impact each other.

Matt Roloff points out a (super cool) pirate ship that he's building for the grandchildren Jackson and the still-unborn-when-this-was-filmed Ember.

Amy notes that it doesn't come cheap.

"There’s just certain things that Matt goes overboard on," she tells the camera.

Matt, she says, will "come up with a thought and then that thought runs away like a runaway train. And so Matt needs to be reigned in when it comes to some of these projects."

Normally, that would no longer be her responsibility.

But, as will clearly be a major element of this season, their lives are still closely tied together.

Take a look:

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