Little Girl Engages in Intense Counting Debate with Dad, Doesn't Believe in the Number 4

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It can be difficult to be a parent.

On one hand, you want your child to possess a strong belief in herself. You want her to be confident and self-assured and to not back down when her values are called in to question.

On the other hand... you want her to understand that the number four does, in fact, exist.

In a Facebook video that has gone crazy bananas viral (over 37 million views!), a little girl name Aaliyah is engaged in an argument with her father.

counting gal

She is insisting that one counts to five by saying "one, two, three, five."

Her dad is taking a different approaching, trying to explain that there's a missing digit in there.

With Aaliyah's mother behind the camera, the adorable girl and the hilarious dad keep going back and forth.

There's not a lot of substance to the argument; it's basically just each side stating his or her case over and over and over again.

"You're skipping four! You can't just leave four out," the father says. "No, no, that's not right. … Aaliyah, I'm not going to keep going back and forth with you."

But he does keep going back and forth, of course.


Finally, the genius wife and mother steps in and tries to make a convincing case regarding the number four to Aaliyah.

Does it work? Sort of. See for yourself:

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