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Be still my heart.

One dad in Brazil recorded his young son watching an ultrasound from his mother’s check-up.  

According to Mashable, the boy was captivated by the video, until his dad told him that there were two siblings in mom’s tummy.

"I can see the baby’s face," the kid siad, clearly having no idea what he was looking at.

"Can you?" the dad asked.

"Yes, I’m seeing it."

Dad called his bluff.

"Do you know what it is?"


"Your sibling."

"Is it?"

"And they’re two."



"Holy cow, dude," the boy said before slowly starting to tear up.

"What’s happening, boy?" the dad asked.

Wait for it, because this is friggin’ adorably.

"I’m touched," the little guy said through tears.


Recording reactions to moments like these are the antidote to the Hot Mess Express train humanity is forced to ride on these days.  

For every video of Donald Trump either threatening assassination against his opponent or making fun of a disabled journalist, there are little moments like this one that make us smile.

Little Girl Breaks Down Over Russell Wilson Marriage to Ciara

The smiles don’t stop there.  Remember the little girl who didn’t want her brother to grow up, so she bawled her eyes out in protest?

And then there was "Charlie Bit My Finger," which instantly became a viral hit.

I hope the little Brazilian boy gets everything in life his little heart hopes for, because he reaction to having not one, but two younger siblings was nothing sort of beautiful.

What a lovely way to respond to becoming a big brother.  He’s psyched about his growing family, and there is no way you can fake those kind of tears.

Good luck to you, little boy, and your growing family.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to have ourselves a good cry.