19 Thoughts Kids Have About Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

But is it really?!?

In the following photo gallery, we rundown a list of complaints certain kids have about this November holiday.

What's their beef with Turkey Day? Find out now...


Patience is not a virtue when mashed potatoes are on the table.

2. Eh, It's Alright

Eh, It's Alright
It's not the best holiday in the world. It could be worse, though, I suppose.

3. Eating is the Best

Eating is the Best
Doesn't sound like we have a football fan here, huh?

4. So Stressful!

So Stressful!
If mom weren't so lazy about cooking every other day of the year, this would be a lot more enjoyable.

5. Turkeys are Awesome!

Turkeys are Awesome!
They're sort of like kittens. Kind of. Sort of. In a way.

6. Fake Turkeys are Stupid!

Fake Turkeys are Stupid!
Why even bother with them?!?


We want to be invited over to Kate's house next year. We love sparkles!

8. Will Knows What's Up

Will Knows What's Up
Seriouls,y how tasty is gravy?!?

9. We'll Drink to That!

We'll Drink to That!
Give them a break, John. They've earned their "martenise."

10. Pie is Better Than Pi

Pie is Better Than Pi
And this nine-year old has the best child handwriting that we've ever seen.

11. Who Needs Turkey?

Who Needs Turkey?
When there's a Japanese restaurant right around the corner?

12. Just an Observation, Really

Just an Observation, Really
And one many of us can relate to, Eve.

13. What's the Big Deal?!?

What's the Big Deal?!?
This is a holiday based around dinner? We eat dinner every night!

14. No, You Don't

No, You Don't
Well, we mean... you CAN, we suppose. But you can always shoot turkeys if you want to and if your parents approve.

15. That's a Very Nice Drawing...

That's a Very Nice Drawing...
... but no.

16. Eat More Chicken!

Eat More Chicken!
This kid is clearly getting paid by the Save the Turkey lobby.

17. Don't Lie!

Don't Lie!
Tell the truth. Who doesn't prefer presents to stuffing?!?

18. Blame Tryptophan!

Blame Tryptophan!
They're probably just shopping and then the Tryptophan kicks in and then it's all over.

19. Awww!

Caleb gets it, people.

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