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Late this summer, Lisa Rinna celebrated Amelia Hamlin dumping Scott Disick after less than one year of dating.

The relationship, the age difference, the prospect of becoming a step-grandmother … it was a relief for it to be over.

But Amelia hasn’t exactly come forward to explain the breakup. Neither has Scott.

Lisa knows why they split … and wasn’t afraid to tell Andy Cohen that it’s exactly why everyone thinks.

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When Andy Cohen asked Lisa Rinna at Part 2 of the RHOBH Reunion who ended things and why, she was ready.

"I think you just have to read the press," she began.

"And," Lisa quipped, "Amelia did!" She then burst out laughing as was joined in her mirth by fellow Housewives.

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Lisa Rinna also confirmed that she was happy that Amelia had ditched Scott.

"She made [the decision to break up with Scott Disick] all on her own," she confirmed to Andy.

Andy noted that news reports said that Scott’s bitter DMs to Younes Bendjima about Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker were the final straw.

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“Well, I don’t think that was helpful,” Lisa offered, alongside some nuance.

“There’s never one reason why, I think, people split up," she suggested.

"You know, now’s the time to heal," Lisa emphasized. "Now’s the time for everyone to heal.”

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Naturally, this is when Andy brought up Lisa’s desire for Harry Styles to be Amelia’s next boyfriend.

Most people — of any age, of any gender, of any level of fame — don’t want their moms to set them up with anyone.

But very few would look a gift-Harry Styles in the mouth, either.

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"You know, I’m so f–king shady," Lisa said with a laugh after being reminded that she had posted Harry Styles pics after the split new broke.

This is when many Housewives confirmed that Harry is actually a fan of the show.

How do we know this? Because he ordered personalized videos from some of the Housewives, including Dorit.

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Lisa shared that she did make sure that Amelia and Scott knew that she, well, had some things to say about their relationship.

As we all saw this season, she and her castmates had some opinions about the romance.

This was especially awkard for Kyle, since she is very friendly with the Kardashian family, but she said that there was no blowback from it.

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"People are still human," Lisa said when explaining why she gave Amelia and Scott a head’s up about her commentary.

"And," she continued, "I think it still hurts people’s feelings when you say something that isn’t necessarily … flattering."

Even so, Lisa stressed, she doesn’t think that her opinions — on camera or off camera — weighed into the relationship or breakup.

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Lisa confirmed that she and Amelia and Scott hung out more than once during the less-than-one-year romance.

But it was three times — only three.

Everyone involved is a working professional and in a line of work and an income level where world travel is a regular thing.

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It’s amazing to think that Scott was boning one of the hottest models on the planet but lacked the emotional maturity to handle seeing his ex happy.

That’s not surprising.

What’s surprising is that he was so catastrophically stupid as to giftwrap embarrassing DMs and send them to Younes, who never liked him.

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Some have openly wondered if perhaps Scott was either consciously or subconsciously trying to sabotage his romance with Amelia.

Things were getting serious.

Maybe, deep down, he knows that he’s no good for these girls who can’t legally drink yet. Or maybe he’s just a disaster.