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On this season of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, Usman Umar made his return, this time with a new woman.

His ex-wife, Lisa Hamme, has put Usman on blast and thrown some shade in Kimberly’s direction, too.

Some fans miss her. Some wish that she’d shush. Others don’t miss her, but like it when she roasts Usman anyway.

Lisa has a lot to say about more cast members … and she’s hoping to make a franchise comeback by joining Pillow Talk.

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Lisa Hamme gave a lengthy interview to In Touch Weekly.

In addition to touching upon how she is constantly brought up on this season and upon her weirdness with Angela Deem, she talked about her career.

These days, Cameo is effectively her job … but she’d like a more official way of speaking to fans.

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme Explains Her Frustrations

“I wanna do 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk," Lisa expressed.

"I love the cast," she announced. "I still [am] in contact with all the cast members."

Lisa reiterated: "I would love to do a Pillow Talk with them."

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Lisa also shared that her husband, Tracey Robinson, would totally join her to comment on the show.

"Yes, he would love to do it," she reported.

And it sounds like, these days, Lisa’s schedule is wide open.

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme Loves Her Man

Lisa shared that she has not worked as a hospice nurse since late 2019.

“Doing the show, I met several patients with cancer via social media and I stay in touch with all of them," she described.

"But there’s a woman locally that has it so severe," Lisa revealed.

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"She’s 38 with two daughters," Lisa described.

"So I kind of stay close to her and I’m walking her towards the end of life,” she detailed.

“So no, I never gave that up," Lisa characterized, "but I haven’t gone back say, for a paid job.”

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme Does Not Like What She Hears

Lisa also reminded everyone that she underwent a toe amputation after not seeking treatment for an injury while in Nigeria.

That bad infection and subsequent procedure could have a real impact upon her ability to work.

Of course, having risen to fame on reality television gave her another source of income — and no, we don’t mean those infamously low TLC checks.

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“Cameo is my focus," Lisa noted, referring to the app where fans pay for customized, short videos from famous people.

"A lot of [90 Day stars] go to OnlyFans, but sorry, I’m just not that girl. I’m not that old lady,” she said with a laugh.

Lisa added: “So, I will stick with Cameo and let my husband take care of me.”

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“I’ve gotta say doing the show was incredible," Lisa reflected about her time on the franchise.

"It was a nightmare during the two weeks or three weeks over there," she said.

"But the amount of followers that I have held steady for two years is amazing,” Lisa praised.

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“I have met so many awesome people through the globe that I will never forget," Lisa gushed.

"So I call them my family now because I’m probably one of the few cast members that will actually reply to DMs," she said.

"And 90%, 95% are all good," Lisa claimed. "We still got that 5% that SojaBoy sends my way."

Lisa Hamme Explains

"I know they’re his fans," Lisa accused.

"So he likes to bring ’em over to my page just to harass, and sadly, you know what I do?" she asked.

Lisa revealed: "I leave ’em in the DM request. You’ve been rejected.”

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While it’s always possible that Lisa could return, many fans have a very good reason for not wanting to see that.

Lisa would still be on the show in some form if she hadn’t been exposed calling Usman the N-word, news of which spread to fans.

After Alina Kasha was fired following a scandal for using the slur in old posts, one would hope that Lisa — whose context was far worse — would never make a comeback.