Lindsay Lohan: Begging to Make Mean Girls 2 Happen!

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Oh, Lindsay Lohan ... poor ol' girl has been through a lot, hasn't she?

Genetics dealt her a seemingly impossible hand when they gave her Michael and Dina Lohan for parents, and then life just kept on beating her down from there.

She battled addiction, she struggled so much with obeying the law (because of the addiction, we're assuming), and, most recently, she was engaged to an allegedly abusive monster.

And, lest we forget, she also nearly lost a finger recently.

And on top of all that, no one seems to want to let Lindsay be great.

Lindsay Lohan: International Woman of Mystery

Sure, she's had her moments of unnecessary awfulness -- for instance, that time that she weirdly told Ariana Grande that she was wearing too much makeup, oh, and all those bizarre meltdowns she has -- but who hasn't?

The point is that she's trying, and there's no harm in letting her do that.

Specifically, there's no harm in letting her try to do a sequel to Mean Girls.

In this new interview with CNN, Lindsay reveals that she's desperate to do Mean Girls 2. Perhaps as desperate as we'd be to see Mean Girls 2!

She says that she's so serious about it that she's already written a treatment, and she knows that the original crew is very busy, but that she'll keep annoying them about it until they do it.

Bless you, Lindsay.

See Ms. Lohan talk Mean Girls 2, George Michael, and more in the interview below:

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