Larissa Lima Taunts Haters While Completing Community Service

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As part of the verdict of Larissa Lima's assault trial, the 90 Day Fiance star was ordered to do community service.

In a new video, she has now given fans an update on her progress.

Larissa also has a message for her haters: they're never going to take her down.

Larissa Lima IG video - community service update

"Hi everyone," Larissa says to her fans and followers as the video begins.

She shared her update in a pair of separate videos, but we have combined them here for your viewing convenience.

"I would like to say thank you," she expresses. "For all the [cameo orders], for the comments."

"And tomorrow," Larissa reveals. "I finish my community service-ee."

She then gives her fans a knowing smile and a wink.

Larissa Lima Models a Hot Dress

At this point, adding the "ee" to the end of words is just part of her brand.

"So when I finish my community service," Larissa continues. "I'll come in here and open up questions and answers."

In other words, she's promising to do another Q&A.

"And," she continues. "Everyone can ask 'how was?' Okay?"

She then blows an affectionate kiss to her fans and followers.

Larissa Lima: The Queen Takes a Bath

"Basically," Larissa says. "I explained ... I have no time."

"All these pictures you see me in bikinis, whatever, I had to go," she explains.

It appears that she is conveying that any photoshoots she has done lately have been rushed given her recent schedule.

"And the haters need to work twice as hard to beat me," she announces with a smile.

"So," Larissa concludes. "[I'm] going to record my cameos. ..."

Larissa then blows her followers a kiss and the video ends.

Larissa Lima Shows Off Her Newest Face

If you're confused as to what that may have been about, no worries.

So, Larissa had her assault trial on May 30. There were conflicting reports about the verdict.

Larissa has explained that she was not found guilty but also not acquitted.

She was instructed to take a number of domestic violence prevention classes.

She was also ordered to complete 48 hours of community service ... ee.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima on the Gram

She has a follow-up court date in July.

If she is is keeping up with her domestic violence prevention classes at that time, she does not expect any further legal troubles.

Reports say that her attorney has said that it is not expected that this trial will endanger her legal residency in the US.

Fans are rooting for this to be true, and for her next court date to go her way.

(This is particularly true for fans who believe that Larissa is not the aggressor, who believe that she was being tormented and gaslit by Colt)

It looks like she is not wasting any time when it comes to meeting all of her court-ordered requirements. That's very smart.

Larissa Lima Smells a Single Rose

So why is Larissa talking about haters if she has all of this on her mind?

Well, on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, viewers saw the aftermath of her November 10, 2018 arrest.

Those who watch the show but do not keep up with things on social media heard Colt's explanation of what happened.

They did not, for example, see Larissa's plea for help on social media.

These viewers also do not know about Colt's cheating scandal in December, or the harrowing incident from January 10, 2019.

Seeing only what the cameras show can be very entertaining, but it does tend to give you only part of a larger picture.

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