Larissa Lima Admits She's "Deathly Afraid" Months Before Bloody Fight

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90 Day Fiance's biggest, baddest spinoff, Happily Ever After? is back with Season 4.

During the premiere, fans were alarmed by a clip of Larissa Lima taking the producers out of earshot and confessing that she fears for her safety.

Now, Larissa's bestie, Carmen, has weighed in on the nightmare that Larissa was living.

Larissa Lima and Colt Johnson in Therapy

These days, Larissa Lima and Colt Johnson are living apart.

They're divorced and are mostly, with the exception of a couple of legal conflicts, out of each other's lives.

That's a relief, especially considering how their last fight ended -- with Larissa's face smeared with her own blood.

But Season 4 of Happily Ever After? was filmed before all of that went down, when they were still trying to make it work.

The tension is mounting -- and so is Larissa's fear.

Debbie and Colt Johnson React

During a disturbing clip from the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? premiere, Larissa is interviewed in her car.

It's not so that they can enjoy the air conditioning -- which Colt famously did not have.

As TLC explains with a title card, it's because Larissa asked to speak away from the prying ears of Debbie and Colt.

Larissa tells the producer: "I feel [deathly] afraid."

"If they hear something that I say," Larissa fears. "My life will be hell."

"Something [is] wrong," Larissa warns during the tense exchange.

Larissa Lima asked to be interviewed in the car

That moment, shown to viewers on Sunday night, was alarming.

And now Larissa's bestie, Carmen, is weighing in via an Instagram comment.

"Everyone will see how terrified she looks that day," Carmen points out.

She remarks that "even makeup could not hide her expression."

"She called me 4 times before this interview," Carmen reveals.

Carmen weighs in on Larissa Lima fear

With the benefit of hindsight, Carmen wishes that Larissa had done more than call.

"it is a pitty she didn't leave this house right there," Carmen expresses.

We can all agree with that.

When another commenter, not realizing who Carmen is, demanded to know why Carmen was saying this, she explained.

"I'm her friend," Carmen writes. "She lives in my house."

It's true. Here's a photo of the two women standing together earlier this year.

Larissa Lima and BFF Carmen

It's no mystery why Larissa was afraid.

See, Larissa is loud and emotional. Part of that is inherent to who she is, while part of it may be cultural.

Colt likes to try to present a calm demeanor, but many fans who find him "creepy" are picking up odd quirks in his behavior.

Clearly, Colt and Larissa have had some nasty confrontations.

On January 10 of this year, their final fight resulted in this:

Larissa and Colt's bloody fight 01

After this, Colt told police that Larissa had inflicted the wounds upon herself and had her arrested.

But Carmen has previously stated that she has photos dating back from earlier in the marriage -- evidence that this was not the first time Larissa was hurt.

What we're seeing on Happily Ever After? right now took place before Colt's cheating scandal or their bloody, scary fight.

Larissa was still trying to make it work, which was why they attended therapy together.

And fans will get to see some of that play out on screen.

We're just glad that everyone seems safe these days.

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