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While a third of the country was out voting on Super Tuesday, Kylie and Kendall were ensnaring the whole world with their incredible thirst traps.

But after trolls took aim at Kylie’s toes, of all things, she clapped back by explaining exactly why one of her feet is a little quirky.

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Kylie Jenner flaunting her body was bound to attract criticism. In this case, from someone who spent a lot of time looking at her feet.

"So nobody [is going to] notice her short toe?" asked on social media commenter 

A fan clapped back: "this … shows how negative ppl are, meanwhile [Kylie] is super hot and perfect everyone comes at a toe!"

As always, Kylie didn’t actually need anyone to defend her. She’s a young, beautiful billionaire. She can defend herself.

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And she is doing exactly that in the video that she readily admits is bizarre.

"Okay," Kylie begins in a series of short Instagram Story videos.

We have compiled those videos into one merged file for your viewing convenience.

"So," she says, "everyone wants to come for my f–king toes."

Photo via Instagram

We could make a lot of jokes about that line, but given that her ex-boyfriend Tyga is an outspoken foot fetishist, she probably knows that.

Kylie has her toes painted white like it’s 1996 (and honestly, we’re here for it, it’s very Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 1)

"By the way," she declares, "I have cute-ass feet."

That appears to be the consensus from the foot fetish community, so sure. We’ll leave that to the experts.

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"And," Kylie shares, "I broke this middle toe in middle school."

The camera focuses upon her right foot, where her right middle toe is conspicuously a little shorter than the others.

Kylie continues: "And you can’t really … There’s nothing you can do about a broken toe."

"So," she reasons, "it just had to heal how it wanted to heal."

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Kylie Jenner then puts on a little demonstration for her followers.

"So when I flex this up … wait, so when I flex … this is a weird ass video," she remarks accurately.

Kylie is filming her toes from above on a very shaggy carpet. It’s just not the best angle.

The video continues as she records her feet from the sides as she walks her followers through exactly what it’s like to have her feet.

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"So when I flex this up," Kylie narrates, "this little guy is just out of place."

True to her words, the middle toe of her right foot is conspicuously shorter when she flexes her toes.

At other times, it seems far less noticeable.

Toes are complicated little digits and while they help us wear sandals and balance as we walk and pick up small objects, sometimes they’re just weird.

Photo via Instagram

This instance is a great reminder of part of what made Kylie skyrocket to a point where her fame and fortune eclipses that of her sisters.

She gives fans access that very few celebrities, let alone billionaires, would even consider offering.

Kylie also does it on her fans’ terms. She’s not spelling this out on a carefully edited documentary.

She recorded this video with her phone and then shared it on her Instagram Stories like any other young twenty-something might.

That said … did this start with a real criticism, or was she tricked into making a video of her feet by a creepy fetishists?