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Love may be blind, according to both an old adage and a relatively new Netflix series, but it can also be downright mean, cruel and ugly.

At least those in the pursuit of love, that is.

Indeed, Netflix has released a sneak peek at the upcoming reunion for this controversial dating show experiment… as Amber Pike takes center stage in the clip, hurling some rather unkind words in the direction of Jessica Batten based on how she behaved during the season.

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You see, at one point in the pods (before the couples had met each other), Jessica was certain she was getting engaged to Matt Barnett, until he suddenly revealed he wasn’t actually all that into her.

How did Jessica respond?

She switched to Mark Cuevas, prompting these two to have a rocky relationship over the course of the series, with Batten often looking back at what she thought she could have had with Barnett, especially after she finally met him out of the pods and continued to try to flirt with him.

Are you following along?

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Barnett, for her part, was happily engaged to Amber — they were one of two couples to actually go through with their weddings at the end of the season.

Jessica decided not to marry Mark, and left the show single.

This all brings up to the video featured here.

In the explosive clip, Amber lets Jessica know exactly how she felt about her Barnett-adjacent behavior, especially after she asked Barnett about his relationship with Jessica and he swore it was no big deal.

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"As far as I was concerned, that [relationship] was nothing after the fact," she says, adding in amazing elaboration:

"So to see her throwing herself at him in Mexico? Bitch, you’re sheisty. You’re so fake, coming to my face like we were cool. You are so fake.

"I think you’re a very disingenuine person, and you know what? I hope seeing this, you do grow from it, because that is not what the world needs, is women that go behind people’s backs like that.

"You were engaged to another man that you were leading on. He was engaged. He made his choice."

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Jessica clearly doesn’t disagree with what Amber’s analysis here, although we don’t get to hear her response in the clip.

For that, fans will need to wait until the Love Is Blind reunion is uploaded to the official Netflix page on Thursday, March 5.

For an early look ahead, however, check out the footage now!