Kylie Jenner Finds Gray Hair, Has Panic Attack

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Kylie Jenner's hair follicles have had enough.

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In fact, one of them just straight up decided to go on strike and cease producing pigment for the 18-year-old reality star.

That's right, the youth has just discovered her first gray hair, and she ain't happy about it.

While getting her hair did, Kylie is alerted to the silver strand by her stylist, as seen in the video below posted to Snapchat.

"Look what we found," he tells her, and she reacts, well, probably like most of us would.

"Oh my god!" she cries, her voice panic-stricken.

"Take it out!"

In the background, Kylie's concerned friend tells the stylist that if he plucks it, she'll get more, but he assures her that's just a wives' tale and yanks the sucker out of her head.

We all knew she was growing up fast, and now even her hair is telling her to slow TF down.

(That's a joke, peeps. We all get gray hair and it's NBD.)

Nevertheless, Kylie is probably patting herself on the back for starting wigs, as she claimed earlier this year, because she may be wearing more of them to cover up those roots.

In a follow-up vid, Kylie saved the offending hair and displayed it close up.

"You guys, my first gray hair," she told fans.

"I think my mom got gray hairs in her early 20s," she added with a laugh.

Kylie has dyed her locks a number of wacky hues over the years and admitted that she destroyed her hair because of all the bleach it has endured.

But if she pulls off making the salt-n-pepper look fashionable, well, we know a number of women who'll be eternally grateful.

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