Kris Jenner Sounds BONKERS on Camera: Watch!

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There's so much to process in this clip. We're talking about a show where only one or two things happen each season, basically.

But this preview takes you on a journey. And makes you cringe. There are monkey noises.

We've already shown you Kendall Jenner freaking out over Caitlyn's memoir. Would it really be a Keeping Up With The Kardashians clip if it didn't have some awkwardness, some affectionate racism, and at least one of them acting absolutely nuts?

Let's go through it, because there's a lot to unpack.

Kris Jenner at Charity Event

Okay, so Keeping Up With The Kardashians shows Kris hanging out with Corey Gamble, Kim, and Khloe Kardashian, while on vacation in Jamaica.

On its own, that's a pretty run-of-the-mill rich people thing to do. You don't have to be rich to go on vacation, to Jamaica or otherwise, but wealth is a requirement if you want to vacation like this family does.

Though ... if you already live in a desert climate like California, it's sort of odd that you'd go to yet another hot place to vacation, but whatever.

If the Kardashians made sense, no one would watch them anyway, right?

So even this short clip serves as a reminder that their taste in humor is . . . questionable at best.

Kim Kardashian Jamaica No Problem

So it's not one of the "mon" jokes, but Kim's "Jamaica No Problem" shirt has us smacking our damn heads.

Fun fact: it's generally considered tasteless and even rude to parody the way that people speak, especially when you're talking about a disenfranchised minority or culture.

Naturally, Khloe makes it worse by suggesting that she could wear a shirt that says "Jamaican Me Crazy." Get it? Because we all get it.

Even if it weren't problematic, it would just be a bad joke. It's a bad joke, Khloe.

We don't expect for either of them to find out why their behavior makes others uncomfortable. They live in a bubble.

Kim then diverts attention to her favorite topic -- Kim -- by not-so-subtly kicking her leg into the air.

Kim Kardashian's Leg Bite

You'll notice a teeny-tiny pink bug bite on her leg.

Don't get us wrong, bug bites are no fun, but most people treat them with a topical antihistamine if at all. Apparently the Kardashians use, um, alternative medicine: water from a lagoon.

We'll stick with actual medicines. No offense.

Kim then demands to know if Kris Jenner is acting as some sort of snake oil salesman and, instead of giving her mineral water to use, is giving her something way, way grosser and less sanitary.

Kris Jenner in Jamaica

She straight-up asks Kris if the water that she's been giving her is her toilet water, as if that's something that anyone but an absolute monster would give to their child.

Yes, there are stories of people using ... ugh ... urine to treat wounds, especially on the beach, but it's usually not a good idea and in some cases can lead to infections.

Turns out that modern medicine usually knows better than old wives tales. Who knew?

Kris Jenner's Monkey Impression

Last but not least: the monkey nonsense.

You have to wonder a couple of things -- the first being if this show has just desperate for storyline. Countless hours are always left on the editing room floor -- though not literally, since everything's digital -- but somehow this nonsense made it in?

But the other thing that you have to wonder if what the hell Kris Jenner herself was thinking? Like, this would be fine if she were entertaining her grandchildren.

She isn't, though. She's around a bunch of grown-ass adults and she knows that she's on camera. Has she just given up? You'll have to watch it for yourself to decide that.

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