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Just days ago, Kourtney Kardashian was spotted with David Dee Duron as the two left Nobu Malibu.

Rumors and speculation quickly circulated that the two of them were dating. They’re hot and together, so why not?

Now, Kourtney has posted a video and revealed that things were not quite what they seemed.

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"Last week we go out with Kourtney [Kardashian] and some friends," Jason Kennedy shared with Giuliana Rancic in an E! News clip.

"And," Jason continued. "I jokingly said to my buddy, David [Duron], ‘hey, walk Kourtney to her car.’"

Most of us walk our friends to their cars because the world is a dangerous place, especially for women.

Most of us, however, are not mega-famous millionaires who are photographed everywhere they go.

Jason shares that he told his friends: "’We’ll see if the paparazzi or anybody bites.’"

They sure did.

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It turns out that Kourtney is a bit of a prankster, right?

She shared the clip of Jason explaining it all.

Imposed above the video were Kourtney’s own words.

"And cropped the other seven people out of the photos," Kourtney accused. "Of course."

Clearly, this is intended as an indictment of the entertainment news industry’s use of paparazzi photos.

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Entertainment news is what helped to make the Kardashians the successes that they are today.

It fuels interest in them and their activities and keeps fans hooked.

However, the Kardashians have a complicated relationship with the media.

Sometimes, things get out that they wanted to keep secret.

Other times, they feel that constant speculation by fans and blogs alike can harm their real-life relationships or even mental health.

It sounds like Kourtney was just frustrated that every guy she’s spotted with is assumed to be giving her the business.

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In real life, Kourtney and David are just friends.

In fact, it sounds like their relationship is more about lots of mutual friends — which is how plenty of friendships form.

We can only imagine how many messages (or, gasp, even phone calls) David has received over just a few days.

From relatives to former classmates to friends, people want to know if you’re boning a Kardashian.

Especially if that Kardashian is the hottest of the OG sisters. And, zero offense to Kim or Khloe, but that’s Kourtney.

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Was it a little hinky that seven entire people were allegedly cropped out of a photo?


But we should point out that if you jokingly make people believe something … they might just believe it.

Kourtney knows that, Jason knows that, and presumably, 27-year-old David knows that.

At least, if David didn’t know that before, he sure does now.

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It’s also not exactly unfair for people to assume that Kourtney might be dating again.

It was very recently that Kourtney lamented that being single sucks.

She shared a screencap of an iconic scene from Notting Hill.

(It was the "I’m just a girl" line, in case you weren’t sure from the start)

Within the screencap, Kourt confessed to wanting to once again be in love.

If you have romantic inclinations, not being in love can sometimes feel less fulfilling. You miss the rush of romance.

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Kourtney will have no trouble finding an actual man.

Why? Because she’s gorgeous, rich, and famous.

Everyone knows her name.

Whether it’s a young stud hoping to get a little name recognition or Kourtney falls for a friend with whom she has so much in common, it’ll happen.

The cycle of courtship — or kourtship — and romance and breakups will continue.