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It’s been just a few short weeks since Kim Kardashian first joined Snapchat, and already the star is obsessed with the app because, duh, it’s another opportunity to post selfies.

In her latest video snap, she teases another possible sex tape, this time with her husband Kanye West.

The two are lying in bed and Kim, wearing a Yeezy sweatshirt, admires herself on Snap through a filter that transforms your face into one with alien proportions – you know, big brain, big eyes that taper off through the cheeks into a tiny chin. 

"I love this little alien face!" she exclaims while checking out her outer spaced-out self from every angle.

"How cute!" she adds, then puckers her lips into the signature Kim K pout.

Her extraterrestrial visage must’ve made her extra frisky, because she then announces her upcoming coital intentions.

"I’m about to have alien sex," reveals Kim before panning over to a wide-eyed Kanye, clear over on the other side of their California King.

‘Ye manages to eke out a grin at the end, because, hey, alien sex is still sex.

Kim refrained from posting the actual intercourse, but we’re fairly certain she and mom Kris Jenner will save it for a rainy day when Keeping Up With the Kardashians ratings slide again.