Kim Kardashian Naked: The View Debates!

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A few days ago, Kim Kardashian covered GQ without a layer of clothing covering her body.

And while the topic if Kim Kardashian nude photos is not exactly a fresh one, the ladies on The View still went ahead and debated it this week.

Is there anything immoral about a mother of two putting her bare body on display on such a frequent basis?

Should we hate on Kim because she's so famous, despite having nothing to offer the world except for shots of herself in her birthday suit?

Raven-Symone at Work

No, we should not, not according to Raven-Symone.

"What are y'all expecting her to do? Y'all want her to go play an instrument at the Carnegie Hall?" the panelists asked her co-hosts.

She continued to defend Kim in the only way in which one can defend Kim Kardashian:

She knows exactly what she is and she takes advantage of society in order to milk that for all it is worth.

"Her talent is her sex," Raven-Symone cotinued. "Her talent is the fact that she always looks bomb. Her talent is getting that money off of ancillary products, not acting or singing."

It is true. We should at least be grateful that Kim mostly stays in her lane.

Raven-Symone also gave credit to the star because she said it isn't "easy to be beautiful" all the time, which may have been pushing it.

No one should shed a single tear or play a single violin note for what Kim Kardashian puts herself through on a daily basis.

Who deemed Kris Jenner "brilliant" as part of this discussion?

How hilarious is it to watch the women try to act all casual because this was a special "After The View" segment in which they ate and drank?

Watch to find out!

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