Khloe Kardashian: Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian are F--king SICK!

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Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick don't have the healthiest relationship.

In other news, water is wet, Mondays suck, and Donald Trump is going to kill us all.

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It's been over two years now since Kourtney broke up with Scott, and things are still so very, very weird between them.

They still talk and hang out quite a bit, which makes sense -- they share three children, after all, and the Kardashians are really the only family Scott has these days.

But it's clear that they still have some kind of feelings for each other, feelings that they haven't properly dealt with.

And those feelings have Khloe Kardashian feeling some type of way in this sneak peek for the new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

In the clip, Scott is still hurt about Khloe's surprise party -- the one he was invited to before Kourtney rescinded the invitation.

Scott Disick in Glasses on KUWTK

You remember -- in another sneak peek, Scott accused Kourtney of being "fake" for the way she behaved about the party.

"I just feel like you love that you're able to hold this over me," Scott tells her in the new clip. "And that's like your control factor."

"And I just feel like you think you can go out and do whatever you want and purposely try to hurt me and still get invited to everything," she replies.

He tells her that maybe he doesn't do the things he does because he hates her -- maybe he does them because he still loves her and is just trying to be spiteful.

Which ... isn't a great way to do things. Khloe speaks for us all when she gave the KUWTK cameras this iconic look:

Khloe Kardashian Has Had It

Scott goes on to tell Kourtney that he knows he doesn't do the right thing, but that when it comes to Khloe's party, it wasn't about him or her, it was about Khloe.

And Khloe, who was there for all of this, by the way, to try and help them work out this current issue, describes the Skourt back-and-forth as "the longest Ferris wheel of all time."

"We gotta get off the ride at some point and get on a new one," she tells them. "It's the same old story over and over and over again."

In his own defense -- and in the most obvious statement of all time -- Scott says "I'm not able to handle everything that well."

He says that he'd like to be a better person, but it's "not the simplest thing," and Kourtney tells him that he already knows what he needs to do to be a better person, so, you know, maybe just start there.

Kourtney Kardashian, KUWTK Promo

"You really don't know what you should be doing?" she asks him incredulously. "You're going to tell me that? You're one of the smartest people I've met."

At the compliment, Scott goes "Aww, wanna make out?", and she laughs.

That's when Khloe's had enough.

She tells them that they're "so f-cking dysfunctional" and "f-cking nuts," which seems like a fair assessment.

Especially since after having that big argument, they leave together, hand in hand, to get mani-pedis together.

Watch the madness in the video below:

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