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This short but dramatic Keeping Up WIth The Kardashians teaser sends a clear warning: Khloe has beef with Kris.

Kris Jenner’s fears of family feuds usually relate to her daughters fighting each other, not her.

But it looks like Khloe has caught her momager dearest in a lie, and that there will be hell to pay.

We’d like to start off by saying that we here at THG understand that Kris Jenner has done nothing wrong, ever, in her life.

In this very brief KUWTK klip, however, it becomes clear that Khloe feels differently.

"Lamar is writing a book," Khloe beings, speaking to her sisters.

"In the book," Khloe continues, followed by a change in voice pitch that means that the sentence was edited together.

She then accuses: "I found out that mom was lying to me."

Kris Jenner speaks to the camera, saying: "I’m trying to do damage control.":

It appears that she means that she is doing damage control about whatever Khloe has learned.

However, it is possible that she is explaining the context of the alleged lie, and narrating in the present progressive tense how she told it.

Scott Disick tells Khloe: "She literally thinks you’re, like, coming for her."

"Guess what?" Khloe warns. "I am."

So … even having covered Lamar’s book, we can honestly say that we have no idea what this is about.

Lamar admits to cheating on Khloe in the book.

Lamar also admits to his drug use in the tell-all.

So … what could Kris possibly have to hide that he opened up about?

And is it possible that this is something so explosive that Lamar cut it out of the final draft?

We don’t know, of course, but we can speculate wildly and irresponsibly.

Did Kris Jenner somehow know about Lamar’s infidelities and hide it from Khloe?

It has of course been whispered that perhaps Kris knew about Tristan’s infidelities before they went public.

(Of course, some people think that she learned of them and told Khloe before the public knew)

But given that none of that is confirmed, let’s avoid assuming that the momager also manages a massive spy network.

If Khloe is coming after Kris, she’s going to lose.

We don’t just mean because Kris radiates the exact same energy as a Sith Lord and seems utterly invincible, though … that, too.

We mean that Kris’ emphasis upon family solidarity is for her own benefit as well as that of her daughters.

She is always, always going to want to hash things out so that they can move past it rather than be engaged in a silent, painful feud.

Plus, Kris can and will cry on cue. Maybe Khloe has built up a resistance to it, but we the viewers sure haven’t.

We should keep in mind that this clip lasts about 9 seconds and does not give us many clues.

Neither Scott nor Khloe use anything beyond the "her" pronoun to identify the target of her wrath.

And as we mentioned, even Khloe’s accusation that Kris is lying to her is at least somewhat edited.

Do we believe that Khloe will be Big Mad at Kris over something in Lamar’s book? Sure. At least, she’ll act like it.

But we don’t think that this feud is going to fracture the Kardashians as a family. Especially since this was filmed months and months ago.