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One of the many things that KUWTK has hyped in recent months is Khloe and Tristan’s ongoing journey.

There’s been real talk of the two of them giving True a younger sibling.

In this trailer for the show’s 20th season, Khloe directly discusses surrogacy with Tristan.

This is sounding serious. But is it a good idea?

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At one point during this supertease for the final season, we see Khloe holding a syringe.

She appears to be filming herself at this moment.

Meanwhile, a voiceover puts the moment into context.

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"You’re trusting a surrogate," Khloe beings to say.

Though the audio sounds spliced together, she continues: "With your unborn child."

This is when we see her actually speaking, seeming to address Tristan Thompson.

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"It’s just scary," Khloe expresses to her baby daddy in the trailer.

We see the two of them embracing, highlighting their significant height difference.

In case there was any doubt about the context of their conversation, Scott clears things up.

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"Talking about having another child together," Scott says conversationally, seemingly to Tristan.

"But you don’t want to say you’re official?" he asks.

Tristan counters that it’s not like their relationship is "secret" … but that’s not quite the point, is it?

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Khloe has previously spoken about how she hadn’t imagined her child being an "only child."

There are many obvious perks to an only child status, but Khloe has always had siblings.

As someone with two full sisters, two half sisters, and a brother, Khloe must be imagining True’s childhood as painfully lonely.

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Now, the Kardashian family is familiar with the surrogacy process.

Kim famously had to use surrogates because her pregnancies were not only very hard, but potentially life-threatening.

Having children is great. Dying to bring them into the world is a horror to be avoided at all costs.

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We all know that Khloe struggled and wanted children for years before she had baby True.

Pursuing in vitro fertilization and a gestational carrier for Baby #2 could spare her a lot of heartache.

Well … as much as can possibly be spared when she’s trying to have a relationship with a habitual cheater.

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But as Khloe notes, there are real risks when it comes to selecting a gestational carrier.

(Technically, this is the term for this form of surrogacy — noting that it’s Khloe’s egg, not someone else’s)

You have to trust them tremendously, because they can effectively ruin your life.

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See, it is (thankfully and correctly) illegal to buy or sell humans in the United States.

As a result, a gestational carrier is — on paper — basically someone who gives birth and immediately offers the baby for adoption.

No matter how much that person is paid, for their time, health, expensies, or more, they could potentially decide to back out and keep another’s child.

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Additionally, Khloe has spoken in the past about enjoying the feeling of being pregnant.

Though pregnancy is filled with side effects, complications, and discomfort, this is not uncommon.

One can easily imagine Khloe being uncomfortable with expecting Baby #2 but not being pregnant herself.

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Then we get to how Scott confronted Tristan.

Scott and Khloe have always had a special, almost sibling-like bond.

So to hear Khloe and Tristan seriously discussing having another child without being "official" … he didn’t like that.