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Kendra Wilkinson has something unexpected in common with Khloe Kardashian:

The latter’s stepfather, Bruce Jenner, now goes by Caitlyn Jenner. The former Olympic Gold Medal winner is a transgender reality star.

Meanwhile, Kendra’s husband, Hank Baskett, is accused of having an affair with a transgender model named Ava London.

He has admitted that she fondled his penis over his shorts and this has caused all sorts of problems for Kendra in her marriage.

It’s also led to some pretty great material for those who watch Kendra on Top online, but we’re sure Wilkinson would trade in those ratings for a happy and healthy relationship.

In the following sneak peek, we see Khloe ask Kendra just how open she’s been with her kids regarding their dad’s alleged affair… and then we see Kendra dance way around the issue.

"I’m a free spirit. I walk around naked," she says at one point in response. "I’m gonna teach free spirit stuff to my kids. I’m gonna make sure they know, to each their own. Be true to yourself."

In other words, we guess:

Wilkinson is totally cool with the transgender lifestyle. But she’d still prefer if that one individual did not touch her husband’s private part.

"We have a job to help each other, care for each other," she adds for some reason. "If someone needs your help, you better stick it out with them."

Check out the exchange below: