Kendall Jenner Gets Scared on Ellen

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Kendall Jenner made a visit to Ellen on Friday!

And Kendall had something serious to discuss with the comedian.

"Honestly, I was a little offended that I haven't ever been scared before," she told Ellen. "I feel like all my family members have been scared, and you got my mom really good last time."

But, Ellen was prepared for Kendall this time and not only had one scare staged for the model but two!

And though the first one, which featured snakes falling from the ceiling, surprisingly didn't make the model jump, scream or cry the prankster queen had another trick up her sleeve.

While Ellen was busy distracting Kendall with boyfriend questions, a large man dressed up as mom Kris Jenner, popped out of a box.

Kendall was successfully scared.

And, honestly so were we.

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