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This not exactly just in: Katt Williams is totally and completely insane.

The "comedian," a job title that necessitates quotation marks due to his lack of actually being funny, has proven this time and again; once pulling a gun on a heckler and once hitting an audience member in the head with a microphone.

But those examples are nothing compared to the incident chronicled below.

In the following video, we see Williams in an area of Atlanta, reportedly going around and handing out cash to those less fortunate.

We take no issue with this nice gesture.

Then, however, for reasons unknown, Williams certainly appears to sucker punch a young boy in seventh grade. He just hits him right in the face!

But the kid reacts in violent fashion himself, applying a rear chock hold to the Z-List star and putting him on the ground.

He only releases Williams when those around the boy plead with him to do so.

We then see Williams complaining over how this kid was raised, wondering how he dared to put his hands on a celebrity.

This is funny, of course, because Williams it not really a celebrity. And also because we clearly see Williams cold clock the kid first.

Watch this ridiculous, incredible, disturbing exchange take place below: