Kathryn Dennis Learns Thomas Ravenel Knocked Up Another Woman: GROSS!!

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Back in March, the world learned that Thomas Ravenel had knocked up a much younger woman.

On this week's Southern Charm, Kathryn Dennis learned the news ... via text, half a year into the pregnancy.

Kathryn Dennis Has News for Danni Baird

Remember early this season, when disgraced former Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel had a very unwelcome cameo?

Kathryn had to temporarily live with Thomas while her home was under construction -- since they share two children.

Unwisely, Kathryn even wondered if things could "work out" between them (no!!!) at the time.

Kathryn Dennis views her phone

We're always leery of scenes in which stars allegedly receive major news for the first time on camera and surrounded by other stars.

But that is allegedly how Kathryn got confirmation that Thomas had knocked up another woman, Heather Mascoe.

Her reactions ... well, we've included a clip so that you can hear it for yourself.

Kathryn Dennis - oh lord have mercy

"Oh, Lord have mercy," Kathryn expressed to herself after having clearly looked at Heather Mascoe's mugshot.

"Gross," she continued, echoing many of our thoughts about that horrible much-older man's sex life.

Kathryn then accurately declared: "Thomas is such a f--king liar."

Danni Baird horrified by what she's hearing

She called Danni over to her to share the grim news.

"Thomas got a girl pregnant and she's having the baby," Kathryn reveals.

She adds: "I just found out. It's happening."

Kathryn Dennis VO - it's happening

Danni Baird leans in, doing an internat double take at the jarring news and asking "He what?"

At this point, Danni asks a very smart question.

But she is unprepared for the shocking answer.

Kathryn Dennis to Danni Baird - six or seven months

"How far along is she?" Danni asks Kathryn.

Kathryn replies: "Probably 6, 7 months."

Danni physically jerks in surprise as the horror of Kathryn's situation strikes her.

Danni Baird visibly shocked

Danni is in a state of disbelief that Thomas waited so long to tell her.

Kathryn has even worse news for her.

Because Thomas hadn't told her -- she found out indirectly.

Kathryn Dennis to Danni Baird - he didn't tell me

"He didn't tell me," she revealed. "My lawyer found out and he confirmed it."

Other castmembers at their posh party realized that something was wrong.

Kathryn and Danni relayed the bad news to them.

Kathryn Dennis to Danni Baird - my lawyer found out and he confirmed it

"Thomas is having another baby," Kathryn revealed to the group.

"I just found out," she detailed. "He confirmed it."

For the record, that is very far into a trimester for one baby mama to find out about another.

Kathryn Dennis tells the group her news

"I'm asking him, 'Why wouldn't you tell me?'" Kathryn revealed.

She continued: "He's like, 'Why would I?' Because they'll have a sibling, hello."

"He said, 'Well, half," Kathryn added.

Kathryn Dennis with Wide-Eyed Frustration

Thomas is absolutely disgusting, from his attitude to his criminal history to his abhorrent political "opinions."

The fact that he didn't think that the mother of his two children needed to find out that they were getting a sibling ... monstrous.

When your family grows, it impacts everyone. What if Kathryn had found out through Kensie and Saint instead of through her attorney?

Heather Mascoe Mugshot

Southern Charm viewers took to Twitter at that revelation to accurately describe Thomas.

One person correctly identified him as a "filthy dirty old man pig."

"Who in God's name would want to get close to Thomas Ravenal?" another very reasonably asked.

Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel, Kensie Preschool Graduation

"Oh shocker, Thomas got another b--ch pregnant. Doesn't he ever learn?" one tweeted.

"Women need to stop having babies with Thomas Ravenel," another admonished. "Seriously."

Another tweet marveled: "What a f--king way to find out your kids are gonna have a half sibling."

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