Kaley Cuoco Gets Drunk, Plays With Fire, Dogs

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It's been three months since Kaley Cuoco filed for divorce from Ryan Sweeting, and those three months have looked good on her.

By all accounts, it looks like the Big Bang Theory star is having no trouble moving on from her brief, disastrous marriage.

There are rumors that Kaley is dating Paul Blackthorne, and she's already gushed about all the support she's receiving from her family, friends and fans.

But we get the feeling that what's really pulling her through is the powerful, tried and true coping combo of booze and animals.

Based on her Instagram, it seems Kaley has been doing some post-divorce pet collecting and spending plenty of time knocking back vino with her BFFs.

We approve. And we're happy to see her dual passions come together in the hilarious Instagram video below.

In the clip (which Kaley admits that she doesn't remember filming), Ms. Cuoco can be seen using a grill lighter to "knight" her original pooch, Norman.

Waving flames around near an animal just while you're sh!tfaced probably isn't the best idea, but give the woman a break.

She just got divorced, people! Cut her some slack.

Also, Norman doesn't seem to mind, and based on the look on his face, we're guessing he's gotten accustomed to this sort of thing.

There could be plenty more to come, too.

The long and short of it: Kaley's transformation from boring newlywed to hard-partying divorcee is well underway, if not complete.

And we couldn't be happier about it.

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