Kaley Cuoco Adopts Dog, Continues Post-Divorce Pet Collecting

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Last month, Kaley Cuoco filed for divorce from Ryan Sweeting. A few days later, Kaley adopted yet another horse. We're not saying those two things are related, but...actually, we kinda are.

It's not uncommon for newly single folks to fill the void in their life with pets or projects or pet projects, and Kaley has found a way to combine her passion with animal rights and fulfill her need to take care of a helpless being (sorry, Ryan) by basically turning her house into Ace Ventura's apartment.

Kaley Cuoco and Chester

"Welcome to the family Chester Cuoco!!!!" Kaley captioned the above pic "Thank you @pawworks #couldnthelpmyself #savethemall #iblamemymomforshowingmehispicture"

Like we said, Kaley's love of animals is nothing new, but picking up two new pets in a month is unusual even by Kaley's standards. 

Last week, Kaley thanked fans for their support with a lengthy message on Instagram:

“I’m feeling completely overwhelmed with the outpouring of kindness and support from the people that surround me and from those I have never even met.

"I want you to know, I read all your comments and your sweet words have touched me deeply. I’m incredibly grateful for all your love as I start this next chapter in my life."

Sounds like she's doing alright, and if pet-collecting helps her to cope, who are we to judge? We just hope she eases up before she reaches the point where she has to file for her home to be registered as a zoo.

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