Justin Bieber and Company Parody Kanye Music Video

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Reaction to Kanye West's "Naked" music video continues to pour in.

Released on June 24, the video features Kanye in bed with Kim Kardashian nude... and many other naked celebrities, as well, including Ray J, Taylor Swift and George W. Bush.

Of course, it wasn't actually Ray J, Swift and Bush.

The Naked music video features body doubles or computer-generated facsimiles of these stars.

Justin Bieber Parodies Kanye

Due to the NSWF nature of the video, along with the quasi invasion of these celebrities' privacy, Lena Dunham came out and called the project disgusting.

Others also weighed in, either criticizing Kanye or admiring his eccentric vision.

To wit:

Now, in response to the video, BBC Radio 1 has gathered together some of the biggest names in music to parody the footage via a Safe for Work version of the video.

It features Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas, Troye Sivan, Meghan Trainor, Carly Rae Jepsen and others fully clothed, just chilling, lying in bed while having long and profound pillow talks.


Trainor says "no" very often. Jonas looks handsome as always. And Jepsen talks about how she "really, really, really, really likes" someone.

It's funny stuff. It's very well done.


And you can check it out now!

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