Jussie Smollett Body Cam Footage Reveals Noose, Alleged Bleach

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We have yet another twist and a possibly giant turn in the Jussie Smollett case/investigation/scandal/total and complete mess.

On Monday evening, police released a couple of videos in relation to the alleged attack against the veteran Empire actor.

Jussie Smollett Waves

As you must know by now, Smollett told the police and then the public way back in late January that he had been attacked on the streets of Chicago.

He said this attack was perpetrated by two white men... that they tied a noose around his neck... that they poured bleach all over him... and that they screamed racial and anti-gay epithets in his direction.

At first, Smollett was the subject of numerous sympathetic articles and headlines.

The entire world, including President Donald Trump, appeared to be on his side.

But after more information came to light (such as the supposed assailants being two black men who actually knew Smollett well) and doubts were raised about the validity of Smollett's story, he eventually became a pariah.


The police actually arrested Smollett on the charge of falsifying an official report -- only for the district attorney to eventually let the star go free.

The situation continues to be a sordid and confusing enigma.

This leads us into the newest update, which is this:

Chicago police released video today that showed a noose around the Empire star’s neck. It also features a brief conversation between Smollett and the officers inside his apartment.

“Do you want to take it off or anything?” an officer asks Smollett in the body cam footage, which depicuts the actor donning a cream and red sweater and having a tangle of white rope around his neck.

“Yeah I do. I just wanted you all to see,” Smollett replies.

He then claims that bleach is all over him.

Jussie Smollett Mug Shot

After just about 30 seconds of an exchange, Smollett gives the police permission to turn off their body cameras.

So... what does this footage actually reveal?

A Smollett apologist would say there you go, it shows a noose around his neck. Case closed! He was attacked!

A Smollett critic would say that it's VERY weird for Smollett to have simply kept the noose around his neck (the video was filmed about 40 minutes after the alleged attack)... that he doesn't appear injured at all... that his mere claim of bleach being on his person doesn't mean anything at all... and that his request to have the cameras turned off could mean he didn't want anyone else to see all this flimsy evidence.

It really just depends on where you stand.

Smollett, Jussie

On Friday, Cook County Judge Michael Toomin announced that that Smollett’s criminal case will face another review by a special prosecutor.

He also said that the actor, who he described as a “charlatan who fomented a hoax the equal of any twisted television intrigue," could face additional charges.

So this still isn't the last we've heard about this scandal.

Check out the official police footage now.

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