June Shannon: Being Robbed Blind Amid Crack Cocaine Case?

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Seeing her overall health in danger, June Shannon's family staged an intervention on From Not to Hot.

During the very special episode, Pumpkin Shannon shared some jarring details about her mother, including how the arrest went down.

In addition to details about the crack cocaine arrest, Pumpkin shared the worrisome news that Mama June's bank account is being drained.

Pumpkin Shannon at the Intervention

WeTV aired a From Not to Hot special episode, titled "Road to Intervention."

Back in March, June was arrested alongside troubled boyfriend Geno Doak for possession of crack cocaine.

Notably, Geno was also arrested under the accusation of domestic violence towards June, which has made fans very worried for her.

Now there is a new cause for concern that many have not considered.

During the special, Pumpkin told June that she had been monitoring her bank account, and that June's funds had been deteriorating.

Geno Doak with June

The special also included new details about June's arrest.

According to Pumpkin, June and Geno "always" argue while they're driving.

(Contrary to popular opinion, it's healthy for couples to rarely argue and to never get into fights; if you "always" fight, you should break up)

This time, she says, it was particularly bad, and grew worse as they pulled over at a gas station.

Though fans had assumed that a witness had dialed 9-1-1, Pumpkin reveals that it was June herself who called the police.

June Shannon Looks Odd

So, while Geno was purchasing an energy drink, June apparently called the police not once, but twice -- hanging up both times.

It turned out that a nearby vehicle just happened to be an unmarked police SUV.

The officer within that car is the one who first approached June and Deno.

Moriah, a producer for From Not to Hot, points out that June must have been feeling afraid if she dialed emergency services twice.

"Something," Pumpkin says. "Whatever happened caused her to call the cops."

Geno Doak at Lunch

"And she knows what's going on isn't right," observes June's sister, Joanne "Doe Doe" Shannon.

"She just never knows how to get out of it," she expresses.

We then see a flashback to footage of June confessing that there are stories about Geno bringing women to June's house for sex.

(Notably, he's accused of paying thousands of dollars for these hookups)

Even as June is worried about this, she refers to Geno as being "like her soulmate."

June Shannon claims that Geno Doak is her "soulmate"

It's clear that the various people in June's life who are not Geno Doak are concerned for her.

They fear for her deteriorating health. Producer Moriah even recalls having checked June's hand when she began to lose all sensation in it.

They have real concerns about her physical safety around Geno, despite claims that he never physically laid a hand on her during their fight.

And quite frankly, they are worried about her finances these days.

Whether what's happening is just June spending recklessly or a certain someone dipping into her funds to pay for himself, that's alarming.

June is a wealthy woman thanks to her reality career, but reality stars have made many times more than she has and then lost it all in a short time.

We hope that June takes a turn for the better in all aspects of her life.

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