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When Brandon Gibbs brought Julia Trubkina to America to be his wife, Betty hoped that she wouldn’t be losing a son, but gaining a farmhand.

She set Julia to work, treating her as an indentured servant while sharply limiting the time that Brandon could spend with her.

The farm wasn’t just a miserable place for Julia — it was toxic and increasingly hostile.

Now, Julia is dropping major hints that she and Brandon have their happily ever after — hopefully somewhere far, far from the farm.

Photo via TLC

Julia Trubkina took to Instagram to share a cocktail video, beginning by showing off the ingredients.

While wearing an adorable onesie, she makes a Blue Hawaiian — known to her, a Russian, as a Blue Lagoon.

A Russian song plays while she prepares the cocktail, but fans were taken in by the setting of the video.

See, Julia prepared the decidedly green beverage (with pineapple juice, it’s rarely going to actually look blue) in a very modern looking kitchen.

The appliances look new, it looks clean and white.

And fans could not help but notice a conspicuous lack of live crickets anywhere in the video.

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina Share the News

Adding to the suspicion that Brandon and Julia were simply hanging out elsewhere is the fact that Julia is wearing that cute onesie.

That’s not something that you get to enjoy wearing in the kitchen when your day starts with outdoor drudgery at dawn.

It’s also not often what people wear while preparing cocktails at a friend’s house.

Ron Gibbs gets ridiculously angry

Now, it’s technically possible that Betty and Ron Gibbs woke up one morning and went "we may live on a farm, but let’s totally reconfigure our kitchen to not match anything in the house."

Technically, it’s possible. But not really plausible.

Occam’s Razor suggests that the most natural assumption to make is that Brandon and Julia moved off of the nightmare farm and have their own place.

Adding to that is the conspicuous lack of dirt smears or misery visible on Julia.

We have previously seen her smeared in what we hope is dirt, but could always be manure, from her various labors at the Gibbs family farm.

It looks like she is now happy and free.

Julia Trubkina - I hate this (confessional)

This is exactly what the vast majority of fans have hoped to see for Julia and Brandon since day one.

From the very first episode, it was clear that Betty and Ron Gibbs were disrespectful and controlling.

But it turned out that their mandate that Julia sleep in a separate bedroom — like a child, instead of Brandon’s adult fiancee — was just the tip of the iceberg.

Julia Trubkina - I dirty and I smell

When Betty and Ron "welcomed" Julia to the house, she was overjoyed and touched and moved to tears.

That sweetness was short lived, as what initially looked like a tour of the farm quickly turned into a chore list for Julia.

She explained that she didn’t mind helping out somehow, but Betty never even asked — she just listed her demands.

Feeding "cute animals," as Brandon insists on calling them, would be a fine, even fun, task for some people.

However, just like most other jobs, it’s not for everyone — the animals terrified Julia (especially the pig).

She couldn’t understand why her new "family" was treating her like hired help. Wait, no, you actually pay hired help.

Julia Trubkina - I don't want live here

Julia finally put her foot down and issued an extremely reasonable ultimatum: the nightmare was going to stop.

Either Brandon took her away from this, or she would just go home. That’s an extremely fair thing to make clear under just about any circumstances.

As we saw on Episode 9, Brandon instead made a deal with his toxic parents — they would stay on the farm, but Julia had to be treated with respect, sharing his room and possibly no longer having to do farm work.

Julia Trubkina - I think after this situation she hate me

It is not yet clear if that pact worked, or if Betty and Ron became even worse afterwards.

After all, people who are unreasonable to begin with are not going to magically start being respectful just because they were backed into a corner.

It is a relief to see that Brandon and Julia are likely living on their own now.