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No show has ever needed a "talking stick" type of mechanic quite like The View.

After last week’s uncomfortable discussion about Joy Behar’s history with blackface, they’re now discussing politics.

Well, they’re trying to. In this clip, Joy brings the discussion to a halt after Meghan McCain throws an on-air hissy fit.

"What about Senator Amy Klobuchar?" Joy Behar asks rhetorically, kicking off a new topic.

"She kicked off her Presidential campaign in the middle of a blizzard," Joy notes.

"And," Joy continues. "Trump mocked her."

Joy continues to try to set up for the next portion of the discussion.

Unfortunately, Meghan is already trying to interject with her opinion.

It’s literally her job to voice her views — it’s right there in the show’s name — but she’s supposed to let Joy finish introducing the topic.

Trump’s tweet, attempting to roast Klobuchar, was his usual nonsense.

He can’t understand that climate change actually causes extreme weather on both ends despite an overall trend of warming.

So he thinks that blizzards won’t happen because of climate change (even though, obviously, a warming climate means more moisture in the air in many places).

We get it — his brain is bad. That’s been clear for a long time.

But Meghan can’t even let Joy read through something as short as a tweet without trying to interject.

In fact, Meghan loudly says: "You know what?" while Joy is reading, and then we hear a smack, presumably of her note cards hitting the table.

They then go into Klobuchar’s response to Trump, which was to point out that his fake hair wouldn’t look great in a blizzard.

Meghan laughs nervously, saying: "It’s stupid, it’s all so stupid."

Abby Huntsman (who looks so much like her dad) suggests that other politicians should rise above Trump’s tactic of slinging insults.

And then they get into the merits of whether women have an advantage, since Trump insulting women always looks worse to the public.

I can’t say that I agree with Abby on all of her views, but she does have a very congenial way of talking, even when she’s wrong or being sarcastic.

But Meghan was clearly chomping at the bit and felt like she was being steamrolled.

"Can I say something now?” Meghan whines.

(I don’t want to be mean to Meghan — in fact, years ago, I really liked her! But oh gosh, that’s exactly what she’s doing)

“Is that okay, Joy?" she asks sarcastically. "Do I have permission to speak now on Amy Klobuchar?"

She looks at the audience as she asks this, as if appealing for sympathy.

"We’re all good?" she asks indignantly.

"Okay! Two quick things. Number one, I have friends that were at her announcement," Meghan begins.

She then cuts herself off, presumably at Joy’s astonished facial expression.

"Alright, no!" Meghan says. "By all means, keep going, Joy!"

Clearly, Meghan thinks that Joy was trying to interrupt her. Joy makes it clear that this was not the case.

"No," Joy jokes. "If you’re gonna have a hissy fit, we can’t continue."

Her voice tone and her fake sullen expression make it clear that Joy is joking, here.

Meghan McCain Speaks on The View
Photo via ABC

There are times when Meghan McCain makes really great points on The View.

Part of her appeal on the show is that she can really jump in and make a powerful point … every now and then.

But she does spend a lot of time as the show’s primary antagonist — even when her co-stars do not necessarily disagree with her.

She seems to have an adversarial disposition towards her castmates.

But they’ve faced off before, and seem to be able to keep things civil when they’re not on camera.

Meghan McCain on The View

The View exists mostly for entertainment. They discuss the news rather than report it.

That said … seriously. They might want to figure out a way to determine who talks when.

At the very least, it might appease Meghan, who seems to constantly feel like she’s being silenced.

(She’s not being silenced. She’s literally being paid to speak)