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During the final days of January, rumors claimed that Jinger Duggar was hiding a dark secret about her marriage from fans.

Jinger’s new video shows off Jinger’s fashion acumen while reminding fans what her life is really like.

Jinger Gazes at Jeremy

Before we show you how Jinger shut down the rumor, we should spell out exactly what the whispers were saying.

Jinger moved to Los Angeles, which as far as the Duggars are concerned, mgiht as well be Sodom itself.

Jinger and Jeremy have only one child. Jinger wears pants.

In fact, Jinger even died her hair blonde. She has stepped away from her nightmarish upbringing by leaps and bounds.

Jinger in the Kitchen

This has led many fans to exclaim, gleefully, that Jinger is "free."

Once she married Jeremy, she was no longer beholden to Jim Bob’s awful rules.

That’s how she’s able to wear real clothing instead of dressing like the earth tones version of The Handmaid’s Tale.

But the recent murmurings from concerned fans said that Jinger was anything but "free" … and had merely traded one master for another.

Jinger Duggar on Thanksgiving

Jeremy Vuolo’s belief that Jesus doesn’t save people to force them to wear skirts makes him seem wildly more progressive than Jim Bob.

But he has, in the past, taken aim at Jim Bob and Michelle for not using their undeserved platform to speak out against the LGBTQ+ community. 

He has signed sexist and anti-LGBTQ+ statements. In his own way, he is a religious fundamentalist not unlike Jim Bob.

So the recent rumors have said that Jinger may look more fashionable and stylish, but that her married life is a gilded cage just the same.

Jeremy Vuolo on Christmas

So, is Jinger’s happy life in L.A. just a facade that she is forced to display? Is her every selfie some sort of desperate cry for help?

Well, we sure don’t think so, but it’s good to see this from Jinger anyway.

This week, after days of these "hostage" rumors being bandied back and forth on social media, she shared a video.

In the clip, she wears pants and heels and walks in independent strides ahead of friends and her husband, chasing after little Jinger.

Jinger Duggar Wears Pants and Heels

Jinger isn’t just making a fashion statement, here. Read her adorable caption about precious baby Felicity.

"I often wish Felicity could just stay this little forever," she confesses.

"Each stage of her development seems to come so quickly," Jinger writes, "as she’s growing by leaps and bounds."

"We have gone from carrying her everywhere," Jinger notes, "to her wanting to take the lead in our afternoon walks"

As so many have remarked, she says: "They grow up fast!"

"Stop and cherish each moment with your littles," Jinger concludes.

Jinger and Jeremy and Child

Now, maybe fans are reading too much into this.

But in this video where Jinger focuses on her daughter and Jeremy takes up the rear, it seems clear that she’s sending a message.

She’s a dedicated mother with friends and a life. That’s her focus.