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This isn’t an episode of Lip Sync Battle!

Jimmy Fallon jumped on stage at a U2 concert and stole the show from Bono.  Well, for one song.

Fallon, who rocked his broken finger on stage, busted on Bono, The Edge, and himself.

He said, "I’m a big fan of Irish people who fall down and hurt themselves.”  Referencing the fact that all three celebs have suffered accidents that resulted in injury.

In late June, Fallon was hospitalized for a hand injury.  The Edge recently fell off of the stage during a concert, scraping his arm badly.  And, of course, Bono suffered major injuries after a bike accident.

They might be broken, but they put on a good show!

When the band began to play “Desire,” Jimmy began to sing.  He first shared the mic with Bono.  But then he took over, doing a seriously good Bono impression.

And then, the harmonica solo happened…