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Kristen Stewart showed a very different side to her typically serious self on Monday night.

The actress was a guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, wearing only a pair of tiny jean shorts and a loose crop top for her interview.

This may not have been an issue under typical circumstances, but Fallon soon convinced the star to play a game of Jell-O Shot Twister.

Photo via NBC

Fortunately, Stewart was able to think quickly and save herself from a very different kind of headline today.

The 26-year-old actress tied her jacket around her waist in an attempt to cover up a but more, prior to getting herself all amped up and ready to take on the comedian in an alcohol-fueled version of this classic competition.

"When you put your hand or foot down, you have to take that shot," Fallon explained to his guest, referring to the multicolored Jell-O shots adorning each of the colored squares on the Twister playing surface.

To kick off the action, the spinner landed on yellow, prompting the stars to place their left hand on the appropriate circle before taking their first shot.

"These are gargantuan shots!" noted Stewart.

She was on hand to promote her new film, Equals.

The game was going along smoothly, until it just kept going along and the shots became more and more difficult to grab and chug.

"I’m really full!" Stewart complained as yet another Jell-O shot was passed her way.

Did she make it through the matchup in one piece? Did she defeat Fallon in the end?

Watch and find out below!