Jim Bob Duggar Presents Michelle with a Very Special Box

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Jim Bob Duggar recently celebrated his 31st anniversary with Michelle Duggar. In recognition, he presented her with a very special box.

No ... not that kind of very special box. Although can you imagine the number of hits Jim Bob would get if he pulled that stunt off?

Forget planning his return to TV, dude could probably retire right then and there off the lame YouTube pre-roll advertising alone.

Just a thought, JBD. A thought. You know you're intrigued.

ANYWAY, the 50-year-old patriarch shared a home video on the family's website, in which he gave her "a little special... cube."

Inside that little cube was ... a Jim Bob-designed ring!

One with each of their children's birthstones, a touching gesture by any measure and a sizable one - literally - when one has 19 kids.

As Michelle said, that makes for a seriously big rock!

Also seen in the video? Parents of four Josh and Anna Duggar, Jessa Duggar's husband Ben Seewald, and plenty of little ones.

Glad to see the recent cancelation of their TLC show and collapse of their media empire hasn't taken too great a toll on the fam.

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