Man Attempts to Jump in Pool, Fails in Hilarious Fashion

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For some reason, pools make people want to show off.

Since a very large portion of the population is out of shape and/or uncoordinated, this impulse results in dozens of hilarious pool fails caught on camera every summer.

But despite the hours and hours of people breaking diving boards or sporting laughably ill-fitting Speedos, this video of a portly European dude doing his best Greg Louganis impression might be the Funniest Pool Video of All Time.

This guy (and his genius friend who decided to film him) knows that great comedy is all about timing.

Sure, what eventually happens to him (We won't spoil the ending.) is hilarious on its own, but it's the elaborate preparation leading up to it that makes this video pure viral gold.

This dude sacrificed every shred of his dignity for this, so watch, laugh, and re-watch. It's the least you can do to honor this heroic dumbass.

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