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Jill Duggar stunned fans this week when she revealed that she and her entire family needed to be tested for the coronavirus.

And based on her account, it sounds like the entire process was downright hellish.

"Well…we did it…a few weeks ago we got tested for the Coronavirus after developing several of the symptoms," Jill wrote on Instagram.

"Swipe up in my stories or visit our blog (link in bio) if you want the details and aren’t too grossed out to see me getting tested/just want to see what it’s like," she added.

According to the Dillards’ blog, the entire family "suddenly started running fevers and had body aches and some of the other symptoms consistent with the coronavirus."

"Derick and I (Jill) got tested for coronavirus and our results came back negative a few days later. However, while continuing to quarantine, some of the symptoms persisted and a few more developed, so we went back and this time they just retested me," Jill wrote.

"Those results also came back negative a few days later. We continued quarantining ourselves for the rest of the recommended time just to be safe."

Fortunately, unlike most stories that involve a long Q-tip up the nose, this one has a happy ending.

"P.S. We are all well now, praise the Lord!" Jill wrote on Instagram.