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Another day, another Jill Duggar parenting scandal.

The mother of two is a common target for mommy-shaming, which is odd, as there are usually far more valid reasons to criticize Jill and her famous family.

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These days, Jill and husband Derick Dillard might actually be the most hated couple in the Duggar clan, which is really saying something.

The Dillards offenses pale in comparison to the Josh Duggar’s sex crimes, but Josh’s wife Anna is beloved by fans, which somewhat balances things out.

Jill and Derick, on the other hand, are both increasingly despised across the board.

In fact, Derick was recently fired by TLC due to his online harassment of Jazz Jennings, a transgender teen who also has a show on the network.

But while fans are often put off by Derick’s views, they’re often more vocal about their distaste for Jill’s parenting methods.

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Case in point–the Dillards stopped by Der’s parents’ house over Thanksgiving weekend, and a photo of the family at dinner shows 4-month-old Samuel Dillard seated on the floor.

"Jill enjoys procreation, but once the baby is born, she’s not interested in the least in the actual parenting," commented one fan.

"How about a carrier or a swing – something besides the dirty floor? I never would have done that to either of my children," another fan remarked.

The situation brings to mind the time that Jill was slammed for putting a tortilla on her baby’s head.

Was it dumb and weird? Sure!

But it was dumb and weird in a fairly innocuous way.

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Folks, there are so many better things to complain about.

And we’re not hitting you with the "starving kids in Africa" argument here.

We mean there are better things to complain about within the Duggar family.

You’ve got Josh; you’ve Derick’s bigotry; you’ve got the fact that certain siblings have no qualms about begging for money from fans, despite the fact that the family presides over a lucrative media empire.

And don’t get us started on the ludicrously over-the-top efforts to hide the fact that Joy-Anna Duggar clearly got pregnant before her wedding to Austin Forsyth.

The point is, the Duggars are a veritable treasure trove of awfulness.

So let’s focus on the truly terrible and maybe not worry so much about a baby sitting on the floor, mmm-kay?

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