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Jessa Duggar is very proud of the progress her daughter Ivy has made in recent months.

But in a very strange turn of events, it appears that Lauren Swanson might be trying to steal Jessa and Ivy’s thunder.

As you’re probably aware, these are very strange times for the Duggar family.

What began as a relatively simple feud between Derick Dillard and Jim Bob Duggar has developed into a rift that’s torn the family in two.

While Jill and Jinger Duggar are believed to be in open rebellion against, Jessa is 100 percent Team Jim Bob.

What does that have to do with a video of 11-month-old Ivy talking?

Well, Lauren has started posting similar clips, and some fans believe it’s part of her effort to declare that she supportds her in-laws in whatever they do.

Like, we said, strange times.

But hey, at least Ivy can talk!