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90 Day Fiance fans were mostly relieved when Jess Caroline married after her disastrous on-screen relationship.

After all, Colt cheated on Jess the entire time. No one deserves that.

Some however have cast suspicions on Jess, accusing her of only marrying, and only dating Colt, to stay in the U.S.

Jess is clapping back at those xenophobic conspiracy theories and shutting them down.

Jess Caroline shows ring, marriage photo

Late in the summer of 2021, Jess Caroline had an exciting piece of news to share at the Tell All.

Jess had married Brian Hanvey, proving that he was more than a hot rebound after Colt.

Now, she is defending her happily ever after in the face of "Green Card marriage" accusations from fans.

Jess Caroline in Honolulu, Hawaii

Jess Caroline spoke to In Touch Weekly about the ugly accusations about her marriage.

“People [are going to say it] no matter what,” she grimly acknowledged.

But the reality is that she and Brian are just a natural fit.

Jess Caroline and Brian Hanvey

“Brian and I have a lot in common," Jess explained.

She detailed: "like we both like [to] travel, both are vegetarians, we like the same kind of music."

Jess shared that both she and her husband enjoy "the same movies and shows.”

Jess Caroline Stuns in Lingerie

“[We] do everything together," Jess gushed.

She listed "going to the gym [and] cooking."

Jess then added: "I shot his music videos; he takes my pictures."

Jess Caroline Admires Colt Johnson on the Beach

"And so, we work together,” Jess reasoned.

She went on to praise the strong "communication" and their intense "friendship."

Jess and Brian married in August of last year, but the timeline doesn’t concern her.

Jess Caroline Has Great Hair

“He’s really good,” Jess raved about her handsome husband.

“Sometimes people date for three years and [stay] married for eight months," she noted.

One cannot help but think of Larissa and Colt’s 7-month marriage. Was that a deliberate reference?

Colt Johnson and Jess Caroline Revisit Her Parents

"And some people [date] for three months and spend [their] life together and [stay] married, you know?" Jess continued.

Time is less relevant than compatibility in her mind.

"So, that means nothing to me,” Jess then characterized.

Jess Caroline Likes Flowers

Despite the accusations against her, Jess does not yet have her Green Card.

She did, however, confirm earlier in June that she received her employment authorization document.

This means that she can legally work in the United States, an important milestone in her residency.

Colt Johnson Kisses Jess Caroline

Jess also shared that she and Brian are hopeful that they can one day add to their family.

They want to have children, and Jess doesn’t sound picky about how.

If they find that they cannot conceive naturally, Jess said that adoption could be their best path forward.

Jess Caroline Models

There is an undeniable element of xenophobia to the constant barrage of "green card!!!" accusations that 90 Day Fiance stars receive.

It’s not just that people being "on their guard" for it is super creepy … it’s that it rarely makes sense.

After all, if Jess were "only" after a Green Card … wouldn’t she have ignored Colt’s cheating?

Larissa Lima and Jess Caroline Selfie

Jess, like Larissa before her, was hurt by Colt’s cheating.

If you were actually marrying someone purely for a Green Card, that wouldn’t matter to you at all. If anything, it would give you less work to do.

There is a definite element of xenophobia on 90 Day Fiance and among fans, and those accusing Jess need to take a long look into the mirror.